Modern Neighborhood

Making a Difference

Housing Development


  1. Bring the police and fire representatives directly to interested citizens so that we can collaboratively develop safety strategies for all residents of District 2.

  2. Create a district in which all citizens can enjoy safe neighborhoods & parks.

  3. Identify areas that need improved lighting and collaborate with FDOT, the county & City Staff.

  4. Seek funding to provide our protection agencies with the necessary resources to keep our city safe.

​Economic Development

  1. Link our residential areas to the thriving medical centers by developing businesses that will synergize with both.

  2. Create a district in which citizens of every age range can flourish economically and recreationally.

  3. Identify the historical/cultural stories that position District 2 as a premier location for investors.

  4. Lead with the vision of Pensacola as a Smart City by leveraging technological advances and intelligent city management systems.


  1. Identify the stormwater drainage issues in District 2.

  2. Review and implement the City of Pensacola Stormwater Master Plan for District 2.

  3. Collaborate with the Engineering and Construction Service Division of Public Works and Facilities to find solutions to existing or developing issues.

  4. Engage with developers and investors to design and develop sites for construction and infill.

  5. Collaborate with the Restore the Watershed Project, FDOT, City Staff, and County Commissioners to fund and design plans to restore Carpenter Creek and reverse damage.